Friday, December 02, 2011

Some Giveaways are Becoming Too Complicated to Enter

I have stopped following a whole bunch of blogs because they are making their required entries just a bit too ridiculous. I don't require anyone to follow my blog, if you want to fine, if not that's fine too. When I first started entering blog contests and giveaways the entry was easy..just make a comment on the post.

Then it was follow their blog through gfc, make a blog comment, then rafflecopter and the amount of different things they want you do to on those forms is sometimes ridiculous. I've seen rafflecopter forms with 20 different blogs on them and they want you to follow all of them on fb, twitter and gfc. I won't do it unless I actually like what's on your blog and want to get updates but more likely than not, I don't.

Now because GFC is going away for those not on blogger...blogs are wanting you to follow them through Google+. I don't have Google plus and If I see that's going to be a required entry for giveaways...I deleted them from the blogs I follow and won't be going back.

I liked it a lot better when all we had to do was make a blog comment. All these other forms have gotten out of hand.


  1. I usually just slink quietly away when I see that there are a ton of things to do. I don't use Facebook or Twitter either (although I am weakening) so when the instructions get too complicated I leave the field for those who are adept at all of the other things and have the time to do them, lol.

  2. Yep, me too these days.


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