Monday, January 30, 2012

The Insanity of Protecting Rats

I had to share an article with you and let you know I wrote to the man who wrote the article and got a response. I was surprised by the article and even more surprised by this guy's response to my email. I thought I would share them with you. First click on the link and read the article...if you know anything about me at all you'll see why I had to write to this guy.

The Insanity of Protecting Rats

Here's my email to him:

After reading your article I felt compelled to write to you and express another side to this story. My name is Mary Kirkland and I write articles about how to care for small animals such as rats, hamsters and mice. I teach people how to humanely remove rats, mice and other rodents from their property with humane traps and relocate them or call people who will do it for them.

There are those of us and I do mean a lot of us who adore rats, all rats including the wild ones. I myself have 4 pet rats and seeing articles like yours makes me sad that you cannot see that there's nothing wrong with not killing every living creature you see as a pest just because they invade your space. There's nothing wrong with humanely trapping a family of rats and relocating them.

Oh and I also wanted to let you know you have some facts wrong about rats. You say in your article that the life span of a rat is approximately 9 months...that's inaccurate, an average life span of a rat is 4 years...even in the wild.

Mary Kirkland

My Published Articles- "


Here is his response to me:
"Worldwide, rats and other rodents tons of food that would otherwise feed humans. You are free to hold your beliefs and care for your rats, but I assure you that you are a distinct minority was regards what most people feel about them.


Alan Caruba"

Now I kept the emails just in case someone doesn't believe me. Because this guy writes articles just like I do and I was a little surprised that he didn't check his response to me and catch the glaring mistakes in this response.

Oh and I don't believe that I am a distinct minority in my beliefs because it was another ratty lover that showed me the article in the first place and there are more and more people who think not all animals should be outright killed just because they are unlucky enough to share the same space with a human.

If you agree with me, you can also send an email to Alan and let him know. Here's him email address

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