Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sure, I Can Do That..

Hubby's insurance finally approved a new medicine that he talked to his doctor about. The meds he is taking are notorious for adding belly fat to the person taking them and since he started getting a belly he wanted to try the medicine that is supposed to help with that. The box was shipped to us and he found out it's actually an injection he has to give himself daily..in his belly.

They sent a large box of supplies and instructions and left it up to him to figure out how to add the sterile water to the vials and fill the needle and give himself an injection. Neither of us have a problem with this because it's pretty straight forward and we can figure it out with the instructions, but I really think they maybe should have sent a nurse to show him how to do it, or at least have one available for those who are sent this and don't have a clue. I was a little surprised they did this and just left it up to the patient to figure out. I know if these supplies had been sent to an older person like my mom or dad...they would have been freaking out and probably would have missed one of the steps and done it wrong.

As it turns out...I am going to be doing the mixing and giving Ken the injections because he'd rather have me do it, which I have no problem with. I gave him the first injection last night and he said he didn't even feel it..because I am just that good...LOL *Or the needle is just that tiny, yeah it could be that too*

I remember my doctor telling me that if my diabetes test results came back positive that I would have to take a class through the health department before they would give me the blood sugar meter and my first month's supplies. I wonder why that wasn't the case for this.


  1. Wow, you'd think there would be some sort of training or help before they hand out medicines like that. I think I'd find it difficult to cope with injections myself.

  2. I thought I would too but the needle is really small just like an insulin needle so it's not bad at all. Plus I get to play Nurse Mary ...lol


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