Sunday, March 04, 2012

Super Points: Another way of earning free amazon gift cards

Earlier this month I was introduced to Superpoints through a friend on a chat forum. At first I thought it was not going to be as great a place to earn as SwagBucks, but after just a few days I have already earned a lot of points and will be able to cash out for an amazon gift card soon.

It has become my second favorite place to earn after SwagBucks. The key is to complete your profile, be patient with slow days and build up five to ten active referrals beneath you.

Once you sign up be sure to fill out your account information (to earn more spins) and verify your email address so you will start receiving daily bonus point emails. After filling out your profile and adding a picture you have 30 free spins on the super lucky button which has been giving me as many as 25 pts a day.

The Super Lucky Button is the easiest way to earn. With each spin you have a chance to earn points (but mostly I win 1, 2 & 5).

The higher your member level the more daily spins you will receive. At Gold and Platinum you will earn the wins from your referrals' spins also--there is no limit at this time as to how many points you can earn from referrals.

Members receive 25 points for each referral that reaches a basic membership.
You can also do surveys, watch videos and complete offers for points, much like Swag Bucks.

If you would like to sign up for either Swagbucks or Superpoints, here are my referral links and I would love it if you used them to sign up.

Swagbucks referral link

Super Points Referral link


  1. Thanks know I love free stuff...but I am always worried about scams. This looks interesting and I'll use your link to give it a try, although the last thing I need to do is waste even more time on the internet, lol!

  2. Yeah I hear ya, I only sign up for stuff after searching it out on Google and getting some personal opinions from people who are actually using it. So far this is going really good and I can always use more amazon gift cards.

  3. Cool, thanks for having an awesome blog AND finding cool perks for us to enjoy!

  4. Thank you guys for visiting.


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