Friday, April 13, 2012

A Maintenance Man's Wife

Being the wife of a maintenance man has been interesting to say the least. Not only can Ken do simple handy man type things he is also certified in AC, Pool maintenance and Plumbing. He can fix pretty much anything where he works at. Over the last 22 years I've heard so many stories and seen so many funny things because of the type of work he does that I thought it would be fun to share a few of these stories.

A few years ago a lady asked the manager if she could have a pole *stripper pole* installed in her living room. The manager approved it and Ken installed it. He had to drill through the floor and the ceiling to install it. I found that way too funny. I really didn't think an apartment manager would approve something like that being done to an apartment but he might have had the hots for the lady and probably tried sneaking looks in her window for all I know. LOL

Ken also worked at a Hotel/Lodge that I won't name but it's here in Las Vegas and it's really nice. :P He and one of his workers came back to our place after work and was telling me about what they found in one of the rooms after the couple left. Now the couple had stayed for three days and didn't want anyone in their room for anything. Ken told me that he and another maintenance person were called to do some maintenance on the room and when they got there they had to take some hardware off the ceiling, walls, and bed.

There were heavy metal hooks, chains and boards screwed right in the walls of the room. He said it looked just like a BDSM Dungeon and all the workers were talking about it. Even the front desk people wanted to go take pictures before it was taken down. There was an X frame screwed to one wall with heavy chains screwed to it.

My first thought was...why didn't they take their equipment with them? lol

At one of the apartments we lived at where Ken worked maintenance I was called and told to get my daughter who was just a baby at the time and quickly come down stairs. So I did and I and other workers families were ushered to other other side of the street. When I asked what was going on I was told there was a bomb scare and they were only telling the people who worked there and their families until the police told them for sure.

The police/Swat came and finally after an hour were able to get the guy out of the apartment and he didn't have any bombs but he had a hell of a lot of guns. The guy was arrested and Ken and another maintenance man were told to repair the broken window and door and lock the place up. When he came home that night he told me the entire inside of that apartment was painted in camouflage paint. When the guy didn't come back after 30 days and no one came to pay his rent, all of his belongings were bagged up and put in storage for a month before trashed. When they started bagging stuff up they found pipes for making bombs, nails and three more guns so they had to stop and call the police back. The police came took the guns and pipes and I never heard what happened to the guy.

Oh and the best story I saved for last. Years ago Ken hurt himself on the job and broke both his ankles. The guy that came and took over his maintenance duties until he healed came over to our apartment all the time to ask how to do certain things and ken trained him is what he needed to know..about three months after the guy got hired we see his mug shot on the news one night. The story said he killed one guy and then killed his room mate, wrapped the guy in plastic and duct tape and hid the body under his bed for 6 weeks. When the police went in to investigate the disappearance of the room mate they found the body wrapped in plastic under the bed and the guy confessed to killing him.

That guy who killed those two people had been in my apartment, ate at my table, talked with ken all the time and we never suspected a thing until seeing his face on tv that night. How creepy is that?

Being a maintenance man's wife has been interesting alright.


  1. Holy crap--that totally freaked me out! Great stories, I loved the stripper pole....maybe I should ask for one for mother's day?

  2. Thanks. Since then several other ladies have had stripper poles installed into their apartments. lol

  3. A stripper's pole - don't you know all the best places have them ;-)
    Holy crap about the murderer. That is freaky!

  4. Shelley, we both freaked out when we saw his picture on the news.

  5. That is just craziness. You never know what some people are capable of. Glad nobody got hurt.

    P.S. Everyone should have a stripper pole. Haha!

  6. I don't think I want a stripper


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