Saturday, May 12, 2012

Memories of My Mom

Happy Mother's Day

Because it's Mother's Day I wanted to share a memory of my mom today.
My mom passed away last June and it seems like it just happened. It doesn't seem like it's almost been a year. I have a lot of great memories of my mom and wanted to share some of them, so several times over the next month I am going to share a great memory I have of my mother. One of the best was one time my mom and dad, Uncle Jack and his wife took me and my little brother to Big Bear Lake in California and my mom saw a stray dog wandering around near our cabin. So she started leaving the left over dinner for him and after a day or so he got comfortable with her and she would be outside petting him after dinner.

We really didn't think much of it or pay attention to the dog for the first couple of nights. My uncle Jack was too busy sending my brother and I on snipe hunts.  They both got me good one night by taking me out in a field late one night with a plastic bag and spoon and telling me to take the spoon and try to catch the snipes in the bag. I bent down to do that and they turned the flashlights off and stood out there giggling at me freaking out.

When we got back to the cabin, my mom was outside feeding the dog again and I went inside the cabin for a minute.

My mom called me outside and was petting the dog and it came and sat down next to us on the stairs. My dad and uncle came out and stopped really suddenly and told my mom and I to get back in the cabin. My mom looked at them like they were crazy until my uncle said, Peggy...that's a wolf.

My mom and I were sitting on the stairs petting a wolf, or at the very least a wolf/dog mix. He was friendly though. We got up and walked back in the cabin where my dad and uncle freaked out. But my mom was laughing and fed the wolf/dog every night while we were there. We just didn't sit with him on the stairs again.

This is my mom and my hubby Ken, outside our apartment complex from just a couple of years ago.
Happy Mother's Day Mom


  1. It sounds like your mom was a very compassionate woman. Wolves are really smart. And your husband is cute!

  2. May your sweet mother rest in peace. I lost mine when I was 16, and then my 2nd mother two years ago. Sending hugs and affection.


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