Friday, June 08, 2012

Epi Ratty

The EpiRatty

Tired of shaving your legs? Fed up with razor nicks and rashes? Can't afford the expense of professional waxing?

Then this is the product for you! The EpiRatty(TM)!

The EpiRatty(TM) is a large cute agouti rat. No batteries required, just rub his butt and he will barber your skin, delicately ripping

out those unwanted hairs in seconds! He even has a built in lick mode that soothes the skin afterwards.

Phone 555 EPI RAT. Our operators are standing by.



  1. Sounds a bit painful. We had a cockatiel who would pull out hairs from my husband's chin if she felt he wasn't paying attention to her (i.e. while he was on the telephone with me). The conversation was usually punctuated by yelps and swear words, lol.

  2. My rats have given me ratty manicures, tried to take my earrings out and given me a cleaning on my hands. I can't imagine it would hurt anymore than hot wax


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