Sunday, June 03, 2012

We Repainted The Bathroom

A while back I posted pictures of my new pretty green bathroom walls after we repainted the bathroom. I bought a really cute frog shower curtain that matches my walls but I needed a few more green things to accentuate the new pretty green walls. So I made a few things. 
I bought this little wooden flower holder at Joannes and painted it green to go with my new walls. I also bought the pretty white flowers to use in it. I had the little white mouse and tiny teddy bear but the brown mouse on the far left, I made out of sculpy clay. It was my very first attempt at making something out of sculpy clay. lol 

I had some small sea shells and these little glasses. So I painted some of the sea shells yellow and some green and mixed them in the glasses and put them on this glass shelf. The rock in the middle is a rock my dad gave to me that his father, my grandfather found while he was rock hunting way back before I was born. It's a super pretty green geode of some sort of rock, but it's green and matched the walls, so it's in the bathroom now on the shelf. 

Here's a pictures of that flower pot. When I bought it, it was an unfinished, unpainted wooden box. That little thing on top is a tiny wooden lady bug I bought and glued up there. I thought it was cute. 

I even glued on a small animal pin I had to the bottom. I took the pin off the back of it and glued him right there in the corner. Not exactly sure what kind of animal he is, might be a But he's cute.

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  1. Looks cute. Green is my favorite color.


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