Thursday, August 02, 2012

Are You Dehydrated?

This is my daughter's hand after being sick with a flu like sickness for 2 weeks last year. She was unable to keep anything down for days at a time and after she started feeling better her hands and feet started peeling. I found out that this can happen after being very dehydrated. 

This is my daughter's sick sense of humor *She must get it from me* as she used her dried skin as a pocket to hold her ring. Totally grossed out my brother. 

We had no idea that the feet and hands would peel like this after being really dehydrated. Getting a stomach bug and not being able to keep anything down will seriously do that to you. 

I wrote an article several years ago explaining the signs and symptoms of dehydration and it's had a lot of traffic so I'm guessing that people are curious as to what the symptoms are. You can read my article at the  following link...Are You Dehydrated?


  1. That photo is yucky! I'm with your brother.

  2. Yeah, I'm with your brother, too. Yuck!

  3. LOL yeah my poor daughter felt like a snake shedding her skin.


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