Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gerber Graduates For Rats

Did you guys know I feed my rats these toddler foods? I do. I even wrote an article about it last year that you can find here

My guys love those banana cookies and because they are made with real bananas, they are a good treat for my boys. 

Back when Brodie was being a finicky eater I had started buying the Gerber baby foods when I couldn't find anything he would eat, and wouldn't you know it...he ate those really well. He loved those dinners and I knew they were good for him. 

Here's Ares just looking for a Gerber Graduates banana cookie. Now that my daughter is pregnant I have a feeling that my grandson will be sharing his foods and treats with our rats. 

Who knew that toddler foods would be such a great treat for rats!


  1. A tidbit to store away for another time.

  2. I'm sure other animals would like them too.

  3. I bet my dog would eat them up. She eats everything.


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