Saturday, September 22, 2012

Does Your Local Pet Shop Support Puppy Mills?

T find out if the local pet shops in your area support puppy mills just go here to this interactive map and put in your zip code. It will give you a listing of all the pet shops in your area that do and don't support puppy mills. The red check means they do and if they have a red check...don't buy anything from them. Here's what I found out. 

The Petsmarts and Petco's that I go to do not support puppy mills but the Mall pet shop on Meadows Lane does. Not a real big surprise there and I refuse to shop in Mall pet stores. 

It's good to know that Petsmart and Petco don't buy puppy mill puppies. I also know from experience that they get their rats, hamsters and mice from regular people who either breed them or accidentally have a litter and want to adopt them out. 

The Petsmart I went to when I had baby hamsters, sexed all the babies for me for FREE...and told me that would adopt them out if I wanted them too. But I decided to keep them and the manager told me that's how they get their small animals most times. 

I buy most of the supplies from Petsmart through Amazon now and it's good to know they don't support puppy mills. 


  1. That's VERY handy, what a shame that there isn't a similar online resource here in the UK.

    It amazes me that puppy farms are even legal in this day and age.

    I don't buy from any pet store which sells anything bigger than a rabbit and I always adopt pets, my little gerbil Lilu is "pre-loved" :D

  2. I'm a little surprised there isn't something similar for the Uk. Aww, you have a gerbil? I loved the 2 gerbils I had, they were so sweet. I just loved how they jumped around like little crazy animals and would stomp with their back feet.

    It amazes me too that puppy mills still exhist, people really need to learn not to buy from pet stores and check where their animals are coming from. Adopting a pet from a shelter is so much better. if the puppy mills were no onger able to sell their animals, they would stop making money and would go out of business.

  3. I'm relieved by this info. With one dog, two cats, and two betta fish, Petsmart has become my home away from home!

  4. I was happy about that too because I buy from Petsmart a lot for my rat food and treats.


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