Saturday, September 29, 2012

Foreign Money

A couple of years ago my dad gave me this what he thought was a Korean 100 dollar bill. This is the back side *I think* He told me he's had it since his brother brought it back from Korea in the 1950's, after the war. My uncle Roy who brought this back was in the Korean War and my dad wanted to pass it along to me. I think it's too cool not to share. I actually don't know much about this, so if anyone out there knows, please let me know. 

This is the front side of the bill. I find having this bill and knowing it's so old to be really interesting. I looked online and found that I actually think this is an old 100 Yen bank note from Japan. I'm not sure but it kinda looks like other 100 Yen bank notes from the 1940's 1950's, but that's all I could figure out. 


  1. Looks like you were right about it being Japanese currency. I googled it. LOL.

    check out this message board

    (I hope the spam filter doesn't stop me from posting this?)

  2. Hey thanks. I googled it too. That's how I found out. lol

  3. Great minds think alike ;)

  4. The script is definitely not Korean. Very cool collectible!

  5. We have family who sadly were in the concentration camps in the Philippines and some of their albums have similar banknotes posted in order to remind them of this tragic time. I got excited when I saw them until I looked on ebay and realized that they were more significant as mementos than actually worth anything.


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