Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeping Track of Passwords

My friends are always telling me that they lose their passwords for different sites and have to reset them. So I was wondering why they didn't just write them down when they made a new one, but some of them told me they did, they just couldn't find where they wrote them down. lol 

So I thought I would share what I do and find out what everyone else does to keep track of their passwords. 

In the picture above is my password notebook. I added the little tabs on the pages for quickly finding some of the pages I use more often. My notebook is alphabetized. When I first bought it I took a pen and wrote a letter of the alphabet on each 4th pages in the upper right hand corner of the page. To do this I spaced out the pages and left 4 pages for each letter. You have to make sure you get a notebook with enough pages to do this. That way I have enough room to write several websites and passwords down for each letter. 

So for example on the 'Y' page, I have all my Yahoo email accounts and any other websites that start with "Y". 

Yes, it does take some time to find all those little pieces of paper you've got all your passwords and log in information written down on, but once you have the notebook done, you have it. You just have to make sure and remember to pick it up and put more new information in when you make a new account somewhere. I also write in some of the passwords in pencil because I change them every 6 months. Like fb, yahoo email, and banks and bill sites. I don't want to chance getting hacked. 

For each entry I write down the site, the email address I used *Since I have 6 or more of them*, the password and or username. 

It's a lot easier having all this information in one place that I can easily find than on thousands of tiny pieces of paper like I used to do. lol 

Now some people are thinking, "But this isn't at all safe" Really? Who isn't it safe from? Your spouse? Sorry but if anything ever happens to me I want my Ken to be able to log into our checking account, pay the bills, check my accounts and have the passwords to my email to let my friends know I'm sick or no longer here among the living and vice versa with him. 

He already knows most of my passwords and the ones he doesn't know because I change them, are in my notebook. I also know his passwords. It's not like we are snooping into each others email everyday or anything but if you can't trust your spouse to have your passwords then you might be doing something you shouldn't be doing in the first place, right?

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  1. This is not a bad idea at all. I have so many passwords, I'm having to reset all the time!


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