Friday, October 26, 2012

Freebie Friday

Each week I share with you the free samples and products I've received and tell you where you can sign up to get free samples too. This week I received two free samples. 

Dove Deodorant sample.
John Freida Root Awakening Sample.

I found the link for the free Dove deodorant at Target Sample Spot.

I found the link for the free John Freida Root Awakening sample at Hey It's Free.


  1. I always love your free stuff--someday I'll get myself in gear and sign up for some! lol

  2. lol I got my daughter caught up in getting free samples and this week that she's been gone her free samples have started piling up on the table.

  3. Let me know how the root awakening works out!

  4. I thought it worked really well and I loved the scent.


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