Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween At My House

I thought I would share some of the spooky decorations we put up this year. My daughter did most of the decorating this year because she wanted to. She loves Halloween just as much as I do. 

This is my Friday the 13th cabin and Jason Vorhees figurines. 

And something cute. 

Scary Rat

I made this pumpkin tree a few years ago. 

Do you decorate for Halloween?


  1. Is the eyeball a cup? I would so use that...

    Love your decorations, I haven't gotten that far yet this year...we just had our annual Soup party which is so consuming. Good times, total exhaustion! lol

  2. Love them! My sister has a party every year and LOVES Halloween too! She has decorated her garage door and already has creepy things galore all around her house.

    I've never been very into it, just lazy I guess since she works so hard on it I still get to enjoy her decorations without doing. Just show up in costume (she hates when people don't wear one lol)

    Happy Halloween!

    <3 Dirty Blog's Girl

  3. Chantel, that eye is actually a candle holder.

    I love Halloween and so we decorate around the apartment for it. We really don't get any trick or treaters so the decorations are just for us. lol

    My hubby loves Halloween most of all the holidays!

  5. I adore the pumpkin tree and all of it, really.


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