Thursday, November 22, 2012

Freebie Friday!

People have asked me how I get all the free samples and free full sized products that I get. So each week I post a picture of all the free stuff I got that week with links to where I got them. This week I received a big haul as you can see from the picture. Here's what I got: 

3 Poise Pads- I found the link for this freebie on Hey It's Free
Clear Shampoo and Conditioner- I found the link for this freebie on Hey It's Free.
Open Nature Granola sample- I got this sample by ordering my groceries at 

Then I received a bunch of free products from Bzzzagent. All you have to do in order to receive free products from Bzzagent is sign up for an account and tell them what you think of the products they send you. This time they sent me:

Coupons for: a free jar of Private Selection Olives, Pasta Sauce and cheese. They also sent me a full size bag of Private Selection Costa Rican Tarrazu Ground coffee and a box of Classic Water Crisps. 

Happy Freebie Hunting!


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