Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Superpoints Has Closed Its Doors

I just came from their site and read their message, saying they have shut down their site. You can read the message here.

Unfortunately if you had Superpoints on the site and didn't cash out before 3pm today...your points are now gone.

That really is unfair to a lot of people I've heard from that had what amounts to $90, $100, $150 or really any amount. Thankfully I cashed out my last $5 Amazon gift card last week, but I feel bad for those who had hundreads even thousands of points on the site and now have lost them all.


  1. Grr...they didn't give any notice but I am sure that was deliberate. Fortunately, I didn't devote too much time but I am surprised that they were still sending out e-mails as late as yesterday! Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Anonymous2:08 AM

    Yeah..Im kind of crush by superpoints being temporarily down, i loved that site! but, heres another site I found recently..If You loved Superpoints than you will love this site..Come over and check this site out! You can get giftcards, ipad, and so much more..its kinda of like superpoints and its newer..and is pretty cool.. here's the link :

    Its a pretty decent site...but I had almost 600 points on superpoints..but this site I just joined is pretty not here to spam anyone..just an alternative new site I tried out and I love it so far..been a member for almost a week now...but I hope superpoints comes back soon hopefully...

  3. Get paid to sites are notorious for closing they're doors, even reputable ones. At some point, they can't keep up with the amount of cheaters out there and Superpoints was especially vulnerable. I wasn't at all surprised when they changed their system awhile back to limit how much one can earn from referrals and increasing their price points, it wasn't a sustainable model. Looks like it didn't help in the long run though.

    I only lost about 200 Superpoints since I had cashed out a week earlier. Fortunately, as with any other GPT sites, I cash out on the small prizes as soon as I make enough, NEVER bank points! Typically, the small prizes are the better value or at least equal to larger prizes in a point/dollar ratio.

    Take heed on other sites such as Swagbucks, Gifthulk, Zoombucks, Cashcrate, etc. You never know when they'll go down.

  4. I don't bank points either. As soon as I have enough for a $5 gc I cash out. I do the same thing on the sites I take surveys for after a survey site shut down unexpectedly one day and I had several hundred points on their site.

  5. I had enough for $150 in Paypal, with like 18,000+ points!!!

    I am furious!

  6. Today, I found an email from GiftHulk consoling me on SuperPoints scamming and inviting me to join GiftHulk. They provided a $1 Amazon Gift Code (which worked, by the way) to "put a smile on my face". That was very nice of them, I'm currently checking them out and they look very good and solid to me.


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