Saturday, December 01, 2012

eBook Curmudgeon

Yes, I was just called an eBook curmudgeon by a fan of my blog, in a personal email to me. Now while I might even agree with this, I had to reply and tell her why I am an eBook curmudgeon.

When it comes to books, ebooks, kindles, nooks whatever...I am not very forward thinking. I'm just not, I know it's a personality flaw and I'm ok with that.

Ereaders don't have that new book smell, nor will they ever have that old book smell. You know what I'm talking about. I paperback book that's been sitting on your shelf for 20 years, and yes, I do have books sitting on my shelf that are that old, have a certain old book smell to them. You aren't going to get that with an ebook.

But some of you are probably thinking that's a good thing. Ok, let me ask you something else. What about first edition, signed books that I have? I would much rather have a hard Cover first edition and signed book than a ebook edition that while it can be signed I hear...on Kindles I think...what happens if your Kindle breaks...all your books are lost, no?

I am 42 years old, while I'm not a senior I do think I fall into that 'older generation' slot that isn't adjusting to the new technology. I know it happens because my dad is amazed by the things I can do on my laptop. he has no concept of what a computer is or can do even though I've tried to show him when he comes over. But he's 80 years old and says he's too old to learn something like this. So am I falling into that sorta of mind set? Maybe I am, but I'm sure that when my grandkids are my age their children will have the newest technology craze and it will driving my daughter nuts and she might even be complaining about it like I seem to be doing about ereaders all the time. But who knows.

Times, they are a changing, I'm just not changing with them. Printed books will always have a place in our culture long after the new car smell of those Kindles have worn off. Does an ebook give you the same olfactory and tactile experience that a 20 year old first edition, signed Hard Cover limited edition book will, I don't think so.


  1. LOL - I'm a fan of ebooks, but you know that. I like that we have options these days and can use whichever method of reading that works for us as an individual

  2. I accept that people like them and that's fine, I'm just not one of them. lol

  3. I like any kind of book as long as I can read!


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