Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Ratties!

Everyone knows I have rats so I thought if you haven't seen them by now I would introduce you to the 4 boys I have. This is my little guy, Patches. He has gained a little weight and loves his yogis. He doesn't like to be picked up too much, but if we sit by the cage and pet him, he loves that. He's a half hairless rat, meaning one of his parents was a hairless rat and one wasn't. 

This is Bandit. We named him Bandit because he's a food thief. He will stash any treats we give him and then he'll run around the cage, stealing treats right from the other rat's mouths. They usually prevent him from getting their treats but sometimes he's too fast and I have to keep him out while they eat their treat or just make sure there's enough to keep him occupied so he leaves the others alone while they are eating their treat. 

This is Lucky. He's my three legged rat. His right front paw is missing but that doesn't stop this little guy from running all over the place and causing havok when he's out on the couch with us. It seems he likes to chew..on my shirts, my couch, my hair, Ken's eye brows, the hammocks, the fleece He's such a sweetheart though.

This is Marbles, he's from the same litter as Patches and they are both half hairless. He loves to come out and play on the couch but he still has a slight problem with me picking him up and being handled, but he is getting much better. 

Well, there you have it. All my boys. Don't you just love those little faces?


  1. Patches and Marbles are freaking adorable!!!!!

  2. The cat can relate to the food thief haha

  3. Thanks! I love these guys, they are super sweet and full of love.

  4. They've posed well for your photos. Cute little feet they have, too :)

  5. They're just so cute! Do they all stay together in one enclosure? And what happened to the little missing paw? Was he born that way or did something happen?

  6. Three of them stay together in one large cage. I adopted them for my daughters friend when they were a year old.

    Lucky stays in his own cage, I tried introducing him to the other three but Lucky is very Alpha and wants to fight will all of them even though Bandit is the biggest rat and the Alpha of the big cage it didn't stop lucky from getting into a big fur ball with him and Ken ended up getting bit by Lucky breaking them up.

    Lucky was born without a paw and when the person who brought him and his siblings to the pet store and the petstore saw he didn't have a paw, they decided to euthanize him or give him to a snake as food unless someone adopted him, so I did.


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