Thursday, May 30, 2013

RIP Patches

My little guy on the left passed away tonight. He was 3 years old. His brother on the right looks a lot like him. 3 years old is pretty old for a rat and his two brothers are the same age and seem to be in good health so I am hoping they live quite a while longer. 

When I first adopted him from a friend, he was really shy and wouldn't let me pet him. He his under the hammock and behind the plastic igloo. 

But he warmed up really fast and would run over to the front of the cage when I came over. 

He was the littlest boy in the cage and a very sweet boy.

He didn't gain weight like the other two have, he stayed a tiny boy.

But he was always ready for a treat. "Mommy, you brought me a treat, right?"

Patches was the boy in the back in this picture when Bandit popped up in front and photo bombed me.

When I first adopted them, he had a brother we named Fang that he cuddled with all the time. Unfortunately Fang passed away soon after we got him. 

Fang and Patches hung out a lot together when I first got them and I made friends by feeding them both treats while they sat together. 

I'm gonna miss my little guy. 

RIP Patches


  1. So sorry for your loss.
    He will be deep in your heart forever.

    Little Patches,
    have a good trip to the rainbow bridge and let your little soul fly free.
    You were and are loved and you will be filled of that.


  2. Aw Mary I'm so sorry about your little Patches. He was a cutie! Lots of love to your and your little guys!

  3. So, sorry Mary. Sending you guys BIG HUGS!!

  4. Poor guy, but you sure gave him a great life.

  5. Hey Mary, I am sorry for your loss. You've had a few lately it seems so it must be harder. :-( Thinking of you.

  6. Thank you all very much. I miss him but I know we gave him a very happy life while he was with us.

  7. Sorry to hear that. Patches has obviously had a wonderful life and been really well loved.

  8. Sympathies for your loss, he looks like he was a sweet little guy.


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