Monday, June 03, 2013

How To Destroy A Fleece Cube

You start out with three cute rats. This is Marbles. 


And Patches. Even though he's the smallest..he can tear up his bed, hammock and cube faster than the other three. 

This is what the fleece cube looked like the first day I put it in the cage and they love it. I go through 1 fleece cube every other month. 

It's cute, right? They love sleeping in these fleece hammocks and cubes and they love biting, tearing, and chewing on them..

This is Patches and all you can see is his little nose. He finally has the cube the way he wants it and this is how he sleeps in it now. He and his brothers chewed through the lining, and lay inside with just their little noses sticking out. Must be comfy. Although Patches passed away a few days ago, I still wanted to share this post because he was a little sweetheart and these pictures show that.

There are several holes on the side, the front and in the back so they can now get inside the cube from all sides. lol 

I let them keep it for as long as possible but after it gets dirty and I can't wash it for fear it will fall apart because it's only holding together by mere strings...I have to replace it.

Looks like I'll be buying another cube soon. 


  1. I love the little dodgers do that. They sure know how to make a comfybed for themselves. It's so heart warming to see them do it and then roll up and sleep. :)

  2. My dad once told me that rabbits need to nibble because their teeth grow throughout their lives. Maybe that is true for rats. Buying another cube will make sure your rats stay busy.

    You find really great names for your rats :-)

  3. That didn't take long ha!

  4. They sure made short work of that

  5. Wonderful creature comforts they have, thanks to your kindness.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting, Life in the Urban Forest (poetry).


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