Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Brother Had Back Surgery on the 11th (Pictures of post OP surgery)

If you get queasy easily...you might not want to look at this post. I don't think the pictures are all that graphic but others might.

But as you can see...he's doing fine. lol Posing for the camera and smiling.

The surgeon went in from the side and fused two discs together. Hopefully this will stop his back pain. 
He's home now and doing fine. 


  1. That is one happy patient. Wishing your bro speedy recovery.

  2. lol That's what made the pictures so funny. He looks so happy about it. I think they were giving him some good pain meds. lol

  3. He does look happy. I hope all goes well. Back pain is no fun.

  4. Those pain drugs sure must have kicked in, one happy camper lol

  5. Back pain is a horrid thing! I have lived with it for a long time. But mine isn;t bad enough to need surgery. Thankfully.

    Hope your brother makes an excellent recovery.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
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