Tuesday, July 09, 2013

I Have An Evil Amount Of Page Views!

Today I looked at my Yahoo Contributor Network Profile and saw my total page views *that I circled in the picture* was at 666,496

The fact that I was on 666, 000 page views struck me as funny. Some see 666 as an evil number. I know because I used to have a phone number for many years that ended in...5666 and one year when renting a VHS video the guy asked for my phone number and address *Because that's how we checked movies out back in the dark ages* and when I told him the 5666 and then my address was 113, he started freaking out.

He didn't believe that I had 13 in my address and 666 in my phone number. He asked me about it every single time I went to rent a movie, until I changed my phone number one year. He actually told me that he was glad I changed my phone number because he just knew something bad was going to come of having that phone number. O.o

LOL I have to laugh about it.  


  1. LOL people are so funny with those things. Gotta love em.

  2. See, I would have thought how easy it was to remember!

  3. LOL oh Mary I can't laugh to much cause I was stuck on 666 Twitter followers for like 4 days and it was bugging me to death!!

  4. haha so funny how people buy into numbers so much


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