Monday, July 01, 2013

There Be Ants!

I've had an ant problem in my bathroom every summer for about 4 years. Last year drove me crazy because the little bastards were killing each other and throwing the losing opponents dead, headless body down through my vent and right into my sink. I must have found 5-6 decapitated ants every day last summer and it drove me beyond my breaking point..seriously. So this summer I got out the caulk and caulked up every single crack, crevice and hole in my bathroom that I could find...but the little biting buggers kept getting in and I had no idea from where.

I saw a couple ants getting in from around the tub enclosure hubby put in the bathtub a couple of years ago so I went to check out if there was enough space at the top for them to get in and there was, so I caulked it. Ha ha can't get in now, can ya?

I saw that a couple of ants were getting in around the metal bar that separates the bathtub enclosure from the bathroom wall...caulked that up. Yes, I did.

Caulked the entire top of the tub enclosure..hubby didn't do it when he installed it and there were a couple of gaps just big enough for an ant to get through. Ha ha ants, foiled again!

I wasn't about to put up with the decapitated bug corpses being throw down my vent this year, so I had hubby use some really sticky tape and tape up the vent. ha ha ants, not getting in that way!

There's a crevice right there...caulk it up. 

Yep, the ants are not getting in my bathroom this year...

All caulked and haven't seen an ant in days...yeah me!


  1. Lol They'll be looking for water. I usually get hubby on the job since he does pest control for his job. Good job on all that work i thought you did an excellent job!

  2. Seen a few around my zoo

  3. LOL nice job. We're having them something fierce this year in the kitchen. First time in 10 years of living here. And no clue how they're getting in. At least mine aren't mean. They seem to get along with each other nicely. But oy. I'm ready for them to be gone.

  4. I've been having problems with ant too this year. I wonder what is making this year so special?


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