Monday, August 05, 2013

Mine Doesn't Look Like Theirs *Subway Sandwich*

So a couple of days ago we went to Subway to get sandwiches. This is half of the footlong Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwich that I got. I got it because the picture on their website looked pretty good. 

This is what it looks like on their website. It looks NOTHING like what I got. The avocado is even on the bottom on my sandwich. and don't even get me started on the bacon. It was a joke. There were 4 tiny pieces of bacon *1/2 slices if that* that were taken out of the the fridge and put in the microwave and then put on my sandwich. They had crumbled into nothing by the time I got home. 

Look at the difference. *click on the pictures to enlarge them* You can see the avocado in the picture from their website. So where's all that avocado on mine?

Buried under a ton of lettuce! On the bottom and it was just a smear of avocado.

This is the last sandwich I will be getting from them. It's just not worth it. 


  1. The pictures of burgers look much better than the real thing too. Have you noticed that?

  2. Oh yeah, the burgers never look like the pictures.

  3. They have to sell them, so die them spray them, get the right light etc.

  4. Oh that's rather sad looking. I avoid the chains like that. Our grocery store though makes fantastic subs.

  5. Pat, so the ones in the pictures are probably fake, eh? Doesn't surprise me. I'll just make my own from now on.

    Anna, It does, doesn't it. My grocery store doesn't make good subs. Easier and better tasting if I just make it myself.


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