Thursday, August 22, 2013

No More Lost Keys

My daughter and her boyfriend Josh just moved into a new apartment and now they have more keys to keep track of. They kept losing the key chains so Ken decided to make them a key ring holder something like we have. He started out with just a small piece of wood, painted it, put the lettering on and drilled holes for the little hooks and screws to attach it to the wall.

I think it came out pretty good. You can't really tell from the lighting but it's painted a light green and the lettering is a darker green with little yellow stars around the letters. 

Our daughter liked it and now they have somewhere to hang their keys. 


  1. It looks awesome! Definitely no reason to lose keys now.

  2. nice! I'm terrible about losing my keys and the terrible thing is I have a hook for them. lol Drives the family crazy.

  3. Looks good and never want to lose those

  4. It looks great! And it's an awesome forgetfulness could be helped by something like this :)

  5. Thanks guys. Ken was pretty proud of it.


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