Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Rats!

Because you know how much I love to share pictures of my rats with's post is all about the boys. Here's Lucky running down the ramp to get to the steamed rice and vegetables I put in his cage for dinner. 


Bandit and Marbles playing on the couch with me.

Marbles my rex rat. Meaning he has soft curly hair and whiskers. 

Marbles sitting on the couch with me. Most times they curl up next to me and go to sleep. Lazy boys. lol 

Marbles and Bandit running around on the couch. Bandit has been on a little diet because he's gained a little weight, so I take him out a bit more and let him run around. 


  1. Do they spend a lot of time sleeping, Mary? As compared to playing, I mean?

  2. The two Bandit and Marbles do spend a lot of time sleeping because they are 3 1/2 years old, which is old for a rat. But Lucky is up all the time and ready to play at any time of day since he's almost a year old now.

  3. oh my goodness. I just love their round little bodies. they're adorable as always :)

  4. They look to be having a ball

  5. I love them all. I kinda think Marbles is the cutest though :)

  6. Herding Cats - Burning Soup, I do too.

    Pat, They always are.

    Optimistic Existentialist-I agree, Marbles is a cutie.

  7. Okay, that makes sense.


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