Sunday, December 01, 2013

I Was A Horrible Kid

When you think back on your earlier years, what do you remember? I remember that my brother and I went through a really awful stage where we physically fought with one another, so much so that our mom had to call the cops on us a couple of times. 

When we lived with our dad and step mother we were always playing jokes on her. My younger brother would go to the magic store in the mall and buy these things you can stick into cigarettes that when the fire hits them, they make a loud POP! So my brother would stick them into her and our dad's cigarette's but not all of them just a few at a time so they never knew when one was going to POP in their cigarettes.

2 am we would hear..POP! and then...Dammnit Billy!

We thought that was so funny.

Then we would get things like sugar cubes that had tiny plastic bugs in them and put those in her sugar bowl. You can't really see the bug until the sugar melts and the plastic bug floats to the surface. 

My brother found a small green snake outside one day and put it in our step mother's underwear drawer. She just about had a heart attack. 

My brother found things like chewing gum that would turn your tongue and mouth black and would offer a piece to my dad right before work. 

And probably the worst thing we did was replace my step mother's Woolite *for her white under garments* with a clear detergent that turned everything light blue. She did NOT find that funny.

I don't know where we got the ideas from to do these things but I remember the first really bad thing I did when when I was about 6-7 years old and my mom got mad at me for some reason and yelled at me. So I took the large salt container and poured salt around the entire outside of the carpet, right up against the wall, where I knew it would be hard to vacuum up. That day I also took a bite out of all the donuts in the box. LOL Mom was not amused. 

We don't look evil...but we sure did some awful things when we were younger. I was 16 and my brother was 14. Oh yeah, we were definitely trouble makers. 

So tell me...what kinds of things did you do to get in trouble when you were younger?


  1. Well, I was kind of a good boy when I was little. Didn't really pull pranks on my parents. But I did have a brother, we fought all the time. Ofcourse it would end up with me getting beat up, but still he is my brother and I love him. Things change a lot as you grow older.

  2. LOL oh wow you were trouble! HA. I was a rather mischievous kid myself but not that bad!! :)

  3. George, seems like most siblings fight with one another. I know my brother and I did.

    Keith, Oh yes I was. lol

  4. haha trouble indeed you were. i sure got into my fair share. After all the crap I did I'm surprised I'm still alive

  5. Pat, I feel the same way.

  6. LOL oh my word. Yall were so bad! lol I was a good kid and the first one born in the family/neighborhood. Was a good 4/5 years before there were any other kids. Guess that's a good thing. Kept me out of trouble. lol

  7. Dang, you guys were mean. lol.
    I don't remember pulling any tricks like that on my parents.

    Although, my brother and I did fight....a lot. I called the sheriff on him one time. Looking back it's hilarious, but at the time we HATED each other.

  8. You sure were one hell of a bro-sis team, Mary. Definitely not the kind of kids a parent dreams of when they think "I want my house to be filled with kids' naughty activities".

    You are now a grandparent, and I am sure you must have had your share of being on the wrong end. Hope you have fond memories of that.

    I would love to meet you and your brother.


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