Friday, December 20, 2013

Missouri Drug Cop Tells Us What He Really Thinks Of Marijuana Users

In one of the funniest rants I've ever read, a Missouri drug cop writes a rant on his own fb page that gets potheads all up in arms...

*click picture to enlarge*

He has the right to his opinion, not that I don't agree with him, frankly. All you have to do is go to any pro marijuana site and you'll read articles with no real substantiated facts to back them up that marijuana now cures glaucoma, cancer, tumors, alcoholism, seizures, and a whole host of other ailments. Yep, it's a MIRACLE drug that our government is keeping from us! *insert sarcastic sneer here*


  1. hahaha yeah that is such a load of crap. Doesn't cure a thing. The hemp seeds though help give b-vitamins and protein, they taste sorta meh though

  2. Pat, couldn't agree more.

  3. ::snort:: I've said that a couple times myself. Scares the hell out of me that some people actually vote and procreate.


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