Sunday, December 08, 2013

What's In Your Junk Drawer?

We all have them, that drawer that gets all the miscellaneous things we don't know where else to put. Here is my junk drawer and yes, there are about 9 pair of scissors in there. lol

So what's in my junk drawer?

bike flash light
wall hooks
sample tube of glue
Christmas tree fuses and light bulbs
staple remover
phone jack extender thingie
bike reflector
rubber bands
pencil sharpener
and a few other misc things

So what's in your junk drawer?


  1. LOL I love junk drawers. I really don't have one at my house though. Storage/drawer space is so tight (house was built early 80s) that I never was able to have one here. My desk drawer maybe but it's all stuff that should be in a desk drawer.

  2. My junk drawer is in my office desk at work and I don't even have room here to list everything that's in it lol

  3. i don't really have a junk drawer...i think...i usually throw out the stuff i think i won't need anymore.

  4. lol mine is crammed with all kinds of things, scissors, batteries, catnip ad maybe even things with wings

  5. Anna, When I lived in a smaller apartment, I used one of my dresser drawers. lol

    Keith, lol I have more than one junk drawer. Too much junk.

    George, if it was up to me most of that stuff would be gone. But hubby thinks he might use it...sometime.

    Pat, I have like 7 pair of scissors in mine. What do I need 7 of them for? lol


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