Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Common Core Math

The "Old fashioned" way.


The new "Common Core Math"

32-12= ____


 Now you add the second number in each row to get the answer...3+5+10+2= 20

Here's an explanation someone told me on FB...

"Here's what they're doing: Take the second number (12) and add up to the next multiple of 5/10 (+3). Then take that answer and add up to the next multiple of 10. Do that till you get to 30 and then add up to the first number (32). Then add that column of numbers you used to add up to those multiples, and that's your answer. ...

What stuns me is that anyone thinks this is better or easier. The ONLY thing I can think of is that this way involves all adding and no actual subtracting. So, you're never really teaching subtraction at all here -- just using adding to get around it. HOW is that a better skill?

Does this make sense to anyone? They have over complicated what used to be a simple process and kids don't even get it. Oh and if they need help at home, well they are kinda shit outta luck because most parents don't have a clue as to how to figure this out.


  1. I've had people griping on my FB about common core, but didn't really know what it meant. Now that I do I'm a little worried.

    My son is in the 2nd grade, and as far as I know, they still do problems the 'old fashion way'. We're moving to NC in a few months and I worry that since they're a 'common core state' he's going to be totally lost! And it's not like I'm going to be able to help because I don't even understand it!

  2. I'd say that stuns me too. Look at me, I'm completely stunned. I must be old-fashioned, but only a couple of hours ago someone very wise (mail4rosey)told me, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".

    So how's are you today?

  3. Ok this is wayyyyyy too complicated. I prefer the old way!

  4. Hmmm pointless as can be, old way works just fine

  5. I don't get it but I don't have to either. Thank god.

    Here to visit from Pat's birthday

  6. Oh yeah I saw this the other day Mary and thought it was utterly ridiculous and SO something the government would get behind since they do this nonsense in pretty much everything they do.

    I saw somewhere that the guy who now runs the SAT tests was part of the team that came up with this and has now changed the SAT test so that schools are going to be forced to teach this to their students if they want to do well on that test to get into colleges and such. Some states apparently thought it was an idiotic way to do it as well and hadn't implemented it.

  7. I've actually seen some kind of method used in Japan (not personally) that sounds similar to this. They kind of draw it out on paper, and it's about as confusing as this if not the same.

    I'd say education would be a lot better without trying to make a lot of tests designed to be a disadvantage to the student, and getting rid of the SAT/ACT.

    Even colleges need reform, too many useless majors. You could save a lot of years if the majors changed to a specific job type you were looking for and they trained you for that.

  8. I haven't heard anyone say they like the new common core math, including teachers. I am bad enough at math as it is; even the "easy" old way is hard for me! lol Seriously though, I am really worried about education in America. Just in our county alone there are expected to be up to 80 lay offs for next year, and they are already understaffed! My daughter's classes didn't even have text books this year. My oldest daughter is going to be homeschooled next year because the behavior problems at her middle school are so out of hand that she hates going to school; all the teacher can do all day is try to control the disciplinary aspects of the classroom, leaving little time for actual teaching. We are planning on homeschooling my son as well. Not everyone has that option though, and who knows what regulations they may eventually put on the choice to homeschool in the future. It's terrifying.

  9. I've never heard of it before. Being a Bear, I work on the level of 1+1=11. I trust you understand that.

    Blessings and Bear hugs, anyhow.

  10. CaroleDee- I hadn't heard of it until my friends stated posted it. So glad I don't have school age kids.

    Blue Grumpster- I agree. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I'm doing good, thanks for asking. :)

    Keith- Me too. I don't understand why they have to complicate things so much.

    Pat- I agree. No need to change it.

    TexWisGirl- So would I.

    Manzanita- Thanks for visiting.

    Anna- So true and so sad. I feel bad for the kids.

    Adam- sounds like a good idea to me but the powers that be aren't going to go for that, that would actually make sense and they just don't.

    Amy- I would have home schooled my daughter if I had her now and not 23 years ago.

    Rob-bear- Oh yes, I get it.

  11. Crazy, isn't it? I help out in my grandson's 4th grade math class; and some of the ways they do things is so crazy that it leaves the lower ability kids in the dust. Sometimes the MODERN method is for the birds!!

  12. Ummmmmm, that doesn't look bery common to me!

  13. Looking at the kids math homework the past few years, has had me asking similar questions. I have never really gotten it.

  14. I have a headache. I did very well in math and made it through calculus in high school. But this one really hurts my brain.


  15. Mary- It is crazy. I just don't understand why they would change it so dramatically.

    Brian- Me either.

    Slamdunk- Me neither. Glad I don;t have a school age kid right.

    Rawknrobyn- Mine too. It's so crazy.


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