Friday, March 14, 2014

Freebie Friday! + Review of Real Time Pain Relief

This week's Freebie Friday is a little different because I was contacted by Donna Morrow who sells a product called Real Time Pain Relief Lotion, who after reading my blog post on Neuragen asked if I would be willing to try a few free samples of Real Time Pain Relief for Ken's neuropathy. Of course we said yes. Any product that might help with the shooting pain, itchy pains and stinging pain is well worth a try. 

After getting the samples and talking to Donna who was very helpful, we knew the directions said to apply to the affected area, wait 5 minutes and apply again. 

We tried this product three times a day for 3 days with no relief in Ken's neuropathy pain. The lotion has a pleasant smell and did not dry Ken's skin out so that is a plus. While this product may work for other types of pain or even another person who experiences neuropathy pain, it did not work for us. It never hurts to try something you haven't tried before so I thank Donna for sending us the samples to try.


  1. True worth a try, I've tried so many things it isn't funny, or maybe it is lol

  2. Sorry it didn't help, but you are right; it could possibly help others. I will mention this lotion to my mom, as she may want to try it out for her neuropathy. Thanks for an honest review!

  3. a shame it didn't work for you.

    my husband uses arnica for pain relief but it does nothing for me. sometimes i think these things are individual.

  4. Aw that's a shame it didn't help any. It really is amazing how a product can help some but not have any impact on others. It sounds like a great experience other than that and like a helpful company :)

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