Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fun Rat Items on Amazon

This funny Rat Fink Wobbler Bobblehead can be found on Amazon for just $10.99. Not sure hubby would understand why I bought this strange piece, if I did though. lol 

This cute Rat Mouse Statue Trinket Jewelry Box can be found on Amazon for $21.99. But wait, is it a rat or a mouse? They seem to think it's a rat mouse...Guess they couldn't make up their minds. Cute though.

A Gothic Stonelike Duelling Rat Gargoyle Growling Statue 6.5" Faux Stone for just $20.99 on Amazon. That's a first for me..a rat gargoyle. I think this would make an interesting book shelf addition. 

Sterling Silver Chinese Zodiac Rat Charm Necklace for only $32.00 on Amazon. This reminds me that I've been looking for a rat necklace. This one is cute.

It's funny but for all the rats I've had in my life, I haven't bought a lot statues, pictures ect..of rats. I have a few friends that buy anything rat like that they can find but I guess I'd rather spend my money on things for the real rats that I have. 


  1. That gargoyle rat the cat would not mess with

  2. LOL those are too funny! I love all the things people come up with. I don't really have a lot of cat statues around the house but have a lot of elephants and oh my they come in some interesting designs!

  3. I really love the jewelry box. I guess I like sparkly stuff ;)

  4. Pat- Yeah, he's kinda scary.

    Anna- Me too. My brother just bought me a pair of rat earrings for my birthday last month so now I do have something 'rat' lol

    Amy- Me to, it's cute.

  5. rat mouse was cute. :)

  6. The bobble head cracks me up. We could add it to the collection of bobbles here--taking its place among the baseball and basketball player bobble heads.


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