Saturday, March 01, 2014

Weekly Rat Facts: Magazines

*Lucky's Birthday, he's 1 year old*

I don't have a subscription to any magazines because they don't usually have articles in them that I can 1.) relate too or 2.) find interesting. That is until recently. Just last month I signed up for a monthly subscription to It's A Rats World Magazine. 

Did you know that if you take cute pictures like the one above, you might be able to have it published in a magazine about rats? One such magazine is It's A Rats World and not only can you subscribe to the monthly  magazine and get loads of cute rat pictures but they accept pictures and stories for their magazine too. 
They also have a fb page.

There's also AFRMA *American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association*. When you sign up for a membership you also get their magazine style newsletter called Rat and Mouse Tales. 

You can also find Critter magazine that features different animals, including rats. And you can sign up for their free newsletter. 

So are these magazines something you would ever think about getting?


  1. I used to read a lot of magazines. I don't read as many these days.

  2. I used to read Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report. Good times.

  3. Read videogame ones way back when, then came the internet, nothing since

  4. Oh neat! Glad you found one you enjoy :) I used to get tons of them but these days not so much. Time/money/extra clutter kinda thing, ya know? Maybe again one day :)

  5. Shelley- I don't read many either.

    Keith- Never had subscriptions to those.

    Pat- Not really needed with the invention of the internet.

    Anna- Oh hear ya on that.

  6. Those are cool! I may see if my daughters are interested in a subscription to one of the critter magazines. I don't think I will ever get caught up on all the magazine subscriptions laying around here, but luckily most of them are free or hugely discounted (a perk of my fiance being in college) so no big money lost and I will probably take a big pile of them to the library soon.

  7. Amy- On some of the freebie sites they post free subscriptions for a year to a bunch of different magazines and since hubby likes looking at a magazines I get the free ones.


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