Monday, April 07, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge: F is For Fridge.

What's on your fridge?

On mine, of course I have rats. They are cute little magnets that come in several different colors.

*click pictures to enlarge*
Here are two more of the rat magnets and a rat sticker. I have about 15 of these rat magnets all over my refrigerator.

I also have some pictures in magnet frames. Mostly of my daughter, me and Ken. 

So what's on Your fridge?


  1. Aw the family photos are so sweet! The rats are too funny!

    Mine has some quirky cat and dog ones, an antique car one (studebaker) and I'm starting to cover one side with smexy book cover magnets from authors.

    Then I have one door covered with one of those decal arty things for the wall. I got it for the kitchen wall thining it would cover a lot of it but it turned out pretty small so it covers one of the doors (it's a tree branch with orange flowers :)

  2. We used to have a heap of magnets, but when we got a new one the magnets went! Love your pictures.

  3. Eeeek. Mine is just a bunch of photos and some magnets people have given us with business names on them. Rats? Yikes!

  4. I love your magnets! My fridge is covered with drawings and notes from my kids. Down at the bottom are a few magnets that my son plays with...there used to be more but he likes hiding things ;)

  5. On my fridge are pizza coupons LOL

  6. I have a few magnets of playing cards, that is about it

  7. I just got a shiny new fridge and don't want to clutter it up with pictures or magnets. Is that lame? Though I'm sure I'll fix that once I chip/scratch/smudge the front like I always do. Nothing hides a scratch like a picture of your loved ones!

  8. Anna- That sounds really nice. I bought my daughter one of those wall things and she liked it too.

    Shelley- I used to have a bunch of others ones on there as well. I change them up.

    Stephanie- LOL yikes? You must not have read many of my back posts. I make a lot of posts about my rats.

    Amy- aww that's sweet. Mine was covered in kids drawings when my daughter was younger too.

    Keith- lol

    Pat- funny.

    A Beer For The Shower- I did the same thing when I got a new one.


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