Saturday, April 12, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge: K is For Kangaroo Rat

If you've never seen one of these little guys, they kind of remind me of the gerbils I had a few years ago. The are small rodents, with large back feet that they use for jumping around and pounding the ground to scare away other animals. Gerbils also have large back feet and pound their feet to get attention and when they are happy or irritated. I found this out when I had two of them a few years ago.

I think they are pretty cute little critters.


  1. He is pretty cute. David Attenborough is always so enthusiastic. He's a very good presenter.

  2. Hi Mary,
    This is really a new information to me A Kangaroo rat, the video is really excellent, Oh My.. the snake approached !! Very interesting indeed!
    Thanks for sharing
    Best Regards

  3. Delightful story! Have you ever had a kangaroo rat?

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  4. Ah and this one's pretty smart too. Hiding his newly found food for later.

  5. They sure will never go hungry

  6. What a cutie, I had never heard of the Kangaroo rat before. I had to turn the video off when it came to the snake part,due to my phobia, but I sure hope the rat didn't get eaten!

  7. Shelley- I agree. I like all the videos he's in.

    P V Ariel- I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    TexWisGirl- They are pretty cute.

    Rob-bear- I've never had one, they are mostly wild animals.

    Blue Grumpster- Yes he is. Most rodents do that too, even my rats will stash their food for later.

    Pat- Nope.

    Amy- Never fear, I wouldn't have that sort of video on here. The Kangaroo Rat kicked dirt in the snakes face and the snake ran away.

  8. first time I've heard of one

  9. They are so stinking cute! I saw them a while back and just totally love them. The cheek pouches are crazy.

  10. Amy- :)

    Adam- Glad you learned something new then. :)

    Anna- They remind me of hamsters with those pouches.

  11. How nice it is too see my friend Davy Attenborough with a big grin on his face. It's almost as big as the grin he had when he visited us gorillas and got his butt groped!

  12. Like Adam, this is my first exposure to them. Thanks for the education Mary.

  13. Gorilla- You are too funny.

    Slamdunk- You're quite welcome.


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