Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z Blogging Challenge: Y is For Yawning *rats of course*

If you like rats, then this post is for you. Is there anything cuter than a rat yawning? Probably not, so with permission from the owner, I've shared some of Rat Logic's pictures from their fb page. Enjoy. 


  1. They are cute when they yawn!

  2. I bet rats do hate being dressed up.

  3. lol kids never listen

  4. The last one is sticking its tongue out rather than yawning, but it still looks incredibly tame. Someone should teach it to do house cleaning and other chores.

  5. I wonder what common ancestor (probably a mammal) started the first yawn

  6. LOL oh they are too cute! The tiny baby on his back is just too much!

  7. I cannot believe I'm going to say this but, these little guys are actually really cute. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  8. Haha-keep at it. You are persuading us slowly yet surely with the rat cuteness thing.

  9. Shelley- Yes they are.

    Susan- Actually mine don't mind at all.

    Pat-lol No they don't.

    Gorilla- I would love if mine did some house cleaning.

    Adam- Interesting question.

    Anna- I agree.

    Elsie- Glad to hear it. I'm gonna make you all rat lovers little by little. lol

    Slamdunk- Yes! Then I will keep posting them. ;)


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