Saturday, May 10, 2014

Weekly Rat Facts: Cage Accessories

Scribbles and Flower needed new houses so I opted for fleece cubes to accessorize their cages. 

So I bought this one for Scribbles. 

And this one for Flower. 

They are pretty cute and soft and look comfy. Now while Flower loves hers and sleeps in it all the time now. 

Scribbles has yet to stay inside it for more than a few seconds. He sleeps under it, beside it, in front of it. But not in it. Silly boy. I might put a cardboard box in his cage and see if he likes that, all rats seem to like that for some reason. 


  1. haha he just wants to check out the outside before the inside

  2. reminds me of a dog that sleeps on the floor next to their pet bed.

  3. LOL that's too funny he's sleeping everywhere but where he should. My pup does that. Heck so do the cats sometimes. They'll sleep right next to their cat bed *hangs head*

  4. Pat- Yeah, he sleeps in it a little more now.

    Adam- Crazy animals.

    Anna- lol

  5. LOL - Males seldom do as they're told, Mary.

  6. Those cubes are styling! Hope they like them.


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