Tuesday, June 03, 2014

My Winnings From An Auction To Support, For The Love Of Rats Rescue

A couple of weeks ago, I bid on a couple of items in a fb auction to help the For The Love Of Rats Rescue. I won three things. The two beds above and a Dime Rat, below. 

I think Lucky likes his new bed.

It's so soft, and he's been laying it in since I put it in his cage.

I put this one in Scribbles cage and at first he sniffed and sniffed the entire thing.

But he eventually got comfortable and took a nap in it. 

This is the Dime Rat I won. It's so cute. 


  1. They look so happy with their new beds

  2. All the need is a pillow and a duvet to make it perfect! Where would they prefer to sleep if you let them bed down anywhere they wanted?

  3. my dog does the same thing, she sniffs the new bed and sits down. She always sniffs my shoes when I get new ones.

  4. Aw they look so happy with their winnings! And that little dime rat is adorable!

  5. It looks like everyone won with your charitable effort. Nicely done!

  6. Pat- They do indeed.

    Gorilla- Anywhere they wanted..probably on the couch with us. They always want to be out with us.

    Adam- Animals are funny about new things.

    Anna- I love the Dime Rat.

    Slamdunk- Yes indeed.

  7. They look very happy in their new beds. Love the Dime rat. It's very cute.

  8. really cute little beds. :)


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