Monday, July 07, 2014

Happy Raturday!

*This rat is not hurt, they bend themselves like this all the time*

Welcome to a new weekly blog post I'm calling, Raturday! I've seen Caturday and while that's really cute, I think the rats needs some photo time so everyone can see how cute these little animals are. I've gotten permission from Rat Logic's fb page to share their pictures on my blog. So get ready to smile because these are cute. 

*click pictures to enlarge*

*Yes, that's my Scribbles!*


  1. I love the pic of the First day of Ratergarten. That's just too cute.

  2. The do look very tame! What would happen if they came face-to-face with a wild rat?

  3. Another great collection of pictures. I actually found a rat climbing my fence similar to the one in the last picture a few weeks ago, and I really had to resist the urge to try and pick him up... you know, since he's wild. But so, so cute.

  4. lol the back and butt is connected at least

  5. I love that first one. I love having young active rats but I'm looking forward to them getting big and squishy like that.


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