Thursday, July 10, 2014

Medic ID Bracelet

I knew that you could buy medical ID bracelet's with allergy and illness info on them but what I didn't know is that I could buy one with medical instructions on it, like Do Not Resuscitate. 

Years ago Ken and I filled out living wills, advanced directives and power of attorney papers for each other. All of my family knows that I don't want to be hooked up to any machines, tubes ect.. and I will not give or receive any blood or organs. It's against my long held beliefs that if I was meant to have extra blood or an extra body part, I would have been born with it. The idea of receiving someone else's blood or organs just makes me ill. 

I figured since I already have the paperwork, it would be a good idea to have a bracelet just in case something ever happens and my family isn't around to let medical personal know what my wishes are. 

I got mine online at and they engraved it for me and gave me a larger chain at no extra charge. I know this might seem morbid to some but I wanted to make sure my wishes were met. 

Does anyone else wear a medical ID bracelet?


  1. greeting with you
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  2. Don't wear one at my sea, once I'm dead, I don't care what they do to me lol as for machines, only if there is a good chance I'll wake up and be normal, if not, pull the plug

  3. I don't, there's no reason for me to. No allergies or wishes against any western medicine practices.

  4. No, although I do need to have a living will. A co-worker told me if you don't have that will in place and something happens, you leave your family member to make a decision as to when to unplug you. Most people don't want to burden their families with that decision.

  5. Pat- Thanks for your input.

    Adam- I can understand that.

    Stephanie- That's very true.

  6. I used to have one but I took it off. I wore it for over five years. I should really put it back on but I am unsure where I put it. I wore mine for extreme food allergies.

  7. No, but that makes lots of sense. I did not know that it was that easy to get either--Amazon and then it is there for you. Nice.

    Enjoy your weekend Mary.

  8. At Walgreens, for $29, you can buy a flash drive medical alert bracelet. The hospital inserts the flash drive and your entire list of meds, allergies, and ailments listed pops up. To engrave a bracelet for me, it would be easier, smaller, and cheaper to just have everything tattooed across my chest with "continued on back".


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