Saturday, July 05, 2014

Weekly Rat Facts: Mallomys Rat of Papua New Guinea

This 6lb rat is a new species of rat found in Papau New Guinea a few years ago. It's the first time I've seen this rat but look how chilled out he is. Not even scared that there are humans around even when one is holding him by the tail so he doesn't walk away. It took the guy a minute but he finally petted the animal and the rat didn't even care. This is such a cute little fella.


  1. One big rat, having no fear of humans either, strange they usually run

  2. That rat is huge, almost like a small cat

  3. Anthony- Thanks.

    Pat- I don't think this ones cares either way. lol

    Adam- Yeah he's a biggun.

  4. LOL he's like a puppy. ::snort:: It's just crazy to me that new species are still found all the time. Crazy and amazing.

  5. Wowo--a big one for sure. Interesting that the rat was not afraid at all.


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