Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Rats Eating Ice Cream

I grabbed an ice cream cone out of the freezer and turned around and all the rats were starring at me. So I gave them all a bite. each video is only a few seconds long because they all did the same thing...grab as much in their mouth and spit it out to eat in their cage. lol

Flower grabbed a good mouthful.

I think Scribbles grabbed more than the rest and he spit it out to eat.

They were happy.


  1. I have a lot in common with that rat LOL

  2. lol they all wanted that

  3. oh, such big mouths to feed! :)

  4. I used to give my dog the made-for-dogs ice cream from the freezer and she loved it.

  5. Hah, they love it as much as humans do! I'm surprised they can bear the cold of filling their mouths with it!

  6. lol Scribbles was serious about getting his ice cream.

  7. lol Scribbles was serious about getting his ice cream.

  8. Can rats have chocolate? I know dogs can't. We bought our dog the special "dog ice cream." It was beef flavored!

  9. Look out now when they hear the ice cream truck driving by in the summer!

  10. Flower and Scribbles didn't waste any time grabbing their treat.

  11. This is so cute. :)

    Mine use to shake their front paws when they have s.th. col in their mouth.... that's sp funny to look at. I really wonder why they do it. They haven't touched it with their paws....

  12. Keith- lol They love ice cream as much as I do.

    Pat- Yeah they did, they love the treats.

    TesWisGirl- lol They had fun.

    Adam- Animals love ice cream.

    Gorilla- That's why they spit it right out to eat it a little at a time.

    Anna- lol Yeah he usually is about food.

    Stephanie- Yes rats can have chocolate. It doesn't hurt them at all like it does some other animals.

    Slamdunk- lol Now that would be funny.

    Shelley- No they don't.

    Alienne- Glad you liked it.


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