Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stop Throwing A Party For Every Event In Your Life!

If you know a lot of people and have a lot of friends, you've probably received some interesting party invitations for parties like the one above. It's a Gender Reveal Party. Yes, that's where the proud parents throw a party to reveal the sex of their baby. 


No one but you, the grandparents and maybe your closest friends are going to give a flying *&^% as long as it's a baby and not a dinosaur or half alien from another planet. There's really no need for all these weird ass parties. 

How about a "My First Menstruation" party? No? Too much? I bet someone out there had had one. 

Hey, I'm going through menopause..let's have a party for that! I'll serve ice water and give out fans and some xanax for the mood swings. 

Oh and there's the "Divorce Party" You get divorced and throw yourself and reverse wedding reception. Yes, this is a real thing.

Oh and maybe the best one yet..."The Potty Parties" Yes, the parents want everyone and their uncle to know their little pride and joy has learned how to use the toilet. O.o

When did we start having parties for every event in our lives? When did this become a thing?


  1. Interesting thought, Mary. Only I'm the opposite. I never throw a party for anything — birthday, anniversary, retirement, whatever. Perhaps I should throw a party once in a while.

    What do you think?

    Blessing and Bear hugs!

  2. A gender reveal party?? Ok that's taking things a bit too far...

  3. That is just pathetic, parties are only fun when you are little anyway. After that just a bunch of drunk idiots or people you don't want to associate with around anyway, no thank you.

  4. Isn't that crazy? I hope no one ever invites me to one of those. I do think that reveals can be cute but a whole party for it? Maybe a family dinner. Or a little vid you can share with friends but more than that is kinda nutty I think. And those divorce parties. That to me is just incredibly sad.

  5. I love parties. I am a huge fan of throwing them as well but I do have some limits. I have not heard of the ones listed above but I agree this is getting eel out of hand.

  6. Rob-bear- I think a party every once in a while is fun. I myself like themed parties the best like for Halloween or easter.

    Keith- Yep, sure is.

    Pat- Exactly. When I have a party at my house or people over for a get together there's no drinking allowed.

    Anna- It is crazy. I don't know who came up with all these ideas.

    Lady Lilith- I like some but it does seem to go over the top these days.

  7. How about a loss of virginity party? I did a blog post about a student who sold her virginity to the highest bidder. I think she raised enough cash to put herself through college.

  8. those parties are for women who really want a girl. And attention

  9. Gorilla- That is disturbing. I can't even imagine.

    Adam- Attention is what I was thinking too.

  10. i hate when they have graduation ceremonies and homecoming stuff for almost every grade from kindergarten on up. what do the kids ever have to look forward to anymore?


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