Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Rats and Whip Cream

I shared a bit of whip cream with my ratties a couple of days ago and this is what happened. Scribbles stuck his paw in it while eating as if to tell me his paw is in it, it's his now. 

He didn't mind having a sticky paw at all.

Flower started off with a few dainty licks...

and ended up with it all over her chin and whiskers. *I'm still giggling like mad over this picture*

Lucky started out slowly, "Thanks, nom nom nom" then he took a couple of bites, or tried to, "ohh this is good, nom nom nom"

"I think I need a napkin"


  1. LOL I love that picture of Flower with the whip cream face :)

  2. Those are very cute. The eyes sell the pics!

  3. lol Flower is Santa Rat

  4. Bwaha yes the one of her with it all over her face. Adorable!

  5. Keith- That picture is one of my all time favorites of her now. Can't possibly be in a bad mood with a face like that staring back at you. These little critters sure do brighten my day.

    Steph- I agree. :)

    Pat- lol She is!

    TexWisGirl- Thank you. :)

  6. Anna- Thanks. Still has me laughing.

  7. Do they like ice cream too, or is it too cold for them?

  8. I figure they would like something like that

  9. Love those photos, especially the ones of Flower (the contrast between her being all dainty and then looking all cheeky).

    My boys have never tried whipped cream but yesterday they had spinach filled pasta for the first time (which was a bit hit) and the day before that they had some Scotch Broth soup which went down well too. They've taken to trying a little bit of whatever we're having for tea, it's so much fun to see what their favourites are.


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