Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review: Kiss Stick On Nails

So I don't paint my nails as often as I used to because the paint chips off while doing dishes, cleaning cages and my rats love to try and bite my nails when they are painted. I don't think the nail polish is going to hurt them if they bite once or twice but I'm not willing to chance it happening all that often. 

So when I do want fancy fingernails, I either take the time to apply acrylic nails- but that can be time consuming or I apply these press on nails. 

As you can see, they are really pretty and not too long. It's hard to type with really long nails, at least it is for me.

The glue is already on the nail so all you have to do is press them onto your nail. That's it, all done. And they stay on for a few days. Now sometimes if they come off before I'm ready I will just take a little nail glue and glue them back on and they will stay for about a week. 

Here's a close up picture of a couple of my nails. I love this design. It's colorful without being really crazy loud colorful. There's just enough color and design on these to be really pretty. 

I put these nails on in just about 2 minutes. I usually hold the nail down once I apply it so it gets good stick and then go onto the next one. No mess, no drying time. Just pretty nails in a couple of minutes. I've been using Kiss Press On Nails for years and I really like them. I would never be able to paint such pretty designs on my own.


  1. Pretty! Those always pop off my nails, though. I like Incoco nail polish stickers. Here's a tip I got from a manicurist. Paint your nails (or use nail stickers) and then every day, while sitting at your computer or doing something else that keeps your nails fairly safe for 20 minutes, brush a top coat over the ends of your nails, then cover your nails in it. Just one top coat a day. For the most part, my nail polish lasts 10 days when I do that. Only the first two fingers on my right hand chip a little on the ends after 5 days or so, so I just touch those up and keep going with the top coat for the rest of the time.

  2. They seem to do the trick. Who knows what nail polish will do to the rats if licked a bunch, good call indeed.

  3. I could maybe do those for a night out with the girls but oh having stuff like that one my nails just drives me batty. I usually just have mine plain. Sometimes a little paint but same here. Chips off way too quick.

  4. What can I say... I like the color.

  5. Stephanie- Oh that's a good tip, thanks.

    Pat- Yeah since they love to chew my fingernails, I don't wear much on them.

    Anna- It does chip off too quick.

    Adam- Thank you.

    Blue- I knew if anyone would like this color it would be you. :)

  6. Those are so pretty! I have a bad habit of biting nails, I know, yucky and a terrible habit! But I would love to have this set! Thanks for sharing! By the way, great review!


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