Monday, September 08, 2014

The Bouqs Ambassador Program


After seeing my original post they contacted me and offered me a free Bouqs bouguet to review on my blog. So you'll see a review from me about their flowers in the coming weeks. :)


  1. To be honest that first e-mail sounds a little spammy. "I fell in love with your consumer-friendly, uniquely curated, and all-around-awesome voice." Sure, WE know you have an awesome voice, but the rest sounds pretty generic and even a little weird. Consumer-friendly? Really?

    I bet this jackass just put out a huge spam blast to blogs around the Internet, so even though it seemed like a "personal invitation," he met his quota soon after and when you wrote to him he had to turn you down.

    Honestly, though... that sounds like it was for the best! F*** him and his s**tty flowers.

  2. Yeah... their shitty flowers. The boys are right, Mary.

    Come to think of it.... Nobody ever sends me flowers.

  3. Yep, get such things all the time and just hit delete, as they are nothing but spamming arse holes

  4. I'm with you, if a vendor contacts you they should honour what was stated in the e-mail regardless of how many 'ambassadors' are currently enrolled. Obviously, they don't expect everyone to respond to their invites, but if more than expected do, they should be able to uphold their end of the commitment. It's just a grab to get you to sign-up for their affiliate program—screw 'em if that's the way they do business.

  5. Ooo slimy. Thanks for the heads up Mary!

  6. Thank you everyone- After reading my post they are going to send me a free bouquet after all.


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