Saturday, October 18, 2014

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Fingers

This is really easy to make. First you'll need 2 sticks of sweet cream butter..not margarine and a 12oz bottle of Frank's Redhot sauce. It says redhot but it's actually really not as hot as you'd expect and it has a really great taste. You will also need some chicken tenders. Depending on how many you are making dinner for you may need a few or a lot. I made 2lbs worth.

A batter or just some seasoned flour to dredge the chicken tenders in before you fry them.I use this all purpose batter. It comes in a little pouch and you can either add water to the powder or just dredge the chicken in the powder mixture which is what I usually do. 

Then fry your chicken tenders until done.

While the chicken is frying, add two sticks of butter to a pot and melt then add the bottle of Frank's Redhot sauce to the pan and let simmer.

When the chicken is cooked, add a few pieces at a time to the butter hot sauce mixture and let soak for 10 seconds. 

Take the chicken out and enjoy. Yes, they are messy. They also keep really well in the refrigerator. Just take a couple of pieces out and heat them up. 


  1. Chicken that might burn my tongue, hmmm lol

  2. I figured that would be SO hot! I'm a total wuss when it comes to heat.

  3. Daisy would like these


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