Saturday, November 01, 2014

Falcor: Our New Puppy

So a couple of days ago our apartment manager moved out and she couldn't take her puppy with her and since Ken has always wanted a dog since I've known him...we took the little guy and as you can see he is pretty happy....and so is the puppy. lol 

His name is Falcor and he's a Chihuahua/ Jack Russell Terrier mix. He's 5 months old and really friendly. 

And he loves Ken. Anytime Ken is sitting on the couch, Falcor will lay right beside him or have his head on his leg. 

Falcor was looking at one of my rats and the rats all seem to not mind him at all. We had Falcor and Scribbles nose to nose and they sniffed each other and neither of them minded. This is the first time I've had a dog since I was a little kid. 

And yes, he was named after the big white dog in The NeverEnding Story. 


  1. Aw yay a herd babe addition! What a cutie. He looks like he's right at home already :)

  2. Gets along with the rats, that is a win. Looks like one happy pup.

  3. Is he a border terrier? And, congratulations -- he looks adorable!

  4. Usually animals can get along as long as they consider themselves "family". Usually a dog and cat that grow up together will be the best of friends

  5. Anna- Oh yeah, he's made himself at home.

    Pat- He's very happy. Always playing.

    Steph- No, he's a Chihuahua/Fox Terrier mix. Thanks, he's such a sweety.

    Adam- We had him and Flower sniff each other and Falcor licked her head. She just squinted and looked at him like, omg now I have to clean all over again. lol

  6. Falcor is gorgeous and he looks very happy in your home.

    Excellent name as well. There's a dog I sometimes see on the island who in my head I call Falcor, he looks just like him, but I don't think that's his name in real life, hehe.

    Glad he's getting on with the rats. Tara is really interested in our boys and the girls we had before used to post things out the cage for her to eat!


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