Sunday, November 16, 2014

Product Review: Midwest 141 Ferret Nation Single-Level Ferret Cage with Ramps

I bought this cage from for $117.00 and it came with Super saving shipping, which means it was shipped to me for free. I didn't have to pay any shipping and handling charges at all. I like buying from for just that reason. This cage is advertised for ferrets but I bought it for my four adopted baby rats and it works quite well for them.

Product features
The cage measures 36 inches by 25 inches by 38.5 inches. It's the largest cage I've ever owned. It comes with a plastic floor pan and large shelf with a ramp. It has a dual locking door latches that can be operated with one hand. It's on wheels so it moves easily and has locking casters on two of the wheels so the cage will stay where you park it until you move it again. Large storage area beneath the cage lets you store all your pets accessories. Very sturdy construction and a platinum-gray hammer-tone finish and a one year limited warranty.

The only things I found wrong with this cage were the ladder leading up to the shelf has bars that small feet can get caught in and break. I chose to take a large sock and stretch over the ladder so their feet wouldn't get stuck between the bars.

I also saw that there was a space where the ladder hooks into the upper shelf where small feet could get stuck and chose to wrap that entire area with black tape. My rats didn't chew on the tape and now I don't have to worry about their feet getting stuck between those bars either.

This cage is almost perfect, it is very big, big enough for 4 rats to run, jump and play. The bars make it easy to attach toys, beds, hammocks and wheels to the inside of the cage. This cage is very durable and even if my rats chew on the bars, the finish in unlikely to wear off. The large doors that open the entire front of the cage make it easy to clean and play with your pets. I bought this cage for my baby rats and after getting them in their new home I quickly found out that they could stick their heads right out through the space between the bars of the cage.

We were easily able to remedy the problem by using black tape and screening material. We cut the screening material to fit the sides and back of the cage and taped it on, top and bottom. Then cut enough of the screening material to fit half way up the front of the cage doors and taped it on. We were able to remove the screening material as soon as they get a little bigger and could no longer get their heads through the space between the bars of the cage.

The cage comes in a large box and you need to assemble it, but after reading the instructions my husband and I were able to put the whole thing together in two hours.

While this cage is made for Ferrets, I found it great for Rats also. With just a few adjustments this cage can be a great home for pets.


  1. I love the Ferret Nation cages and would love to get something similar for my boys. For years all my rats lived in the same old Ferplast Jenny which I replaced back when we had out girls (with another more modern one).

    The problem with a cage which is bigger, and can therefore hold more rats, is that it might encourage me to get more rats, hehe.

  2. free shipping is always great, think they'd know better with the feet thing.

  3. Click- I think the Ferret Nation and Critter Nation cages are the best.

    Pat- Yeah but this is made for ferrets and there's another one called a Critter nation that is made for rats that is made just a little differently.

  4. What a nice looking cage. That's great it was able to be altered just a little for the ratties. And those doors opening all the way would be so handy!

  5. i'd love to have them reward you for a good review with some free products! :)

  6. Clever idea about using the sock. I bet your rats love their new home.

  7. Anna- It's a great cage, I love it.

    TesWisGirl- That would be awesome.

    Shelley- They love this cage.


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